Do giraffe’s make a sound?

Je, twiga anatoa sauti? (Scroll down for Swahili) Most of us have never really heard a giraffe make sound. Maybe we have heard them grunt when fighting or heard a giraffe snort in alarm, but have you ever heard a giraffe make a sound? Giraffe faces don’t have that many […]

A simple mutualism, not as simple as it sounds…

Uhusiano rahisi wa kutegemezana, sio rahisi inavyo sikika… We love talking about mutualisms in nature. If you’re not familiar with it, a mutualism is a relationship between two species that benefits both species. There are obligate mutualisms where the survival of one or both species is totally dependent on the […]

Acacias don’t just stand there being eaten.

Migunga haisimami kukubali kuliwa tu. Just because trees can’t move to escape from predation doesn’t mean they’re just standing there letting themselves be attacked. In fact, because plants have been around for so long, they’ve had a lot of time to evolve some very complex defense strategies. One of the […]