This is a website devoted to everything related to guiding. It is based on a cumulation of decades of guide training in East Africa and frequently asked questions. You will find materials presented in short articles. You’ll find summaries of current research findings so to keep up to date with scientific discoveries and what researchers are discovering about our natural world. You’ll be able to read about different approaches to seeing things in the natural world.

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Huu tovuti ni ya madhumuuni maalumu ya vihusiano na fanii ya guiding. Ni mkusanyiko wa miongo ya kufunya mafunzo ya viongozi (guides) Afrika mashariki, ikiwemo maswali ya mara kwa mara. Utakuta nyenzo kwa taarifa fupi. Utapata taarifa muhtasari ya utafiti ya sasa na magunduzi ya leo ili ujitambulishe na mambo leo ya kisayansi na habari za magunduzi ya watafiti kwenye ulimwengu. Utapata nafasi ya kusoma kuhusu mbinu tofauti ya kutazama vitu kwenye ulimwengu wetu.

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Latest from the Blog

Where do birds and mammals get their colors from?

Mammalia na ndege wanapataje rangi yao? When light hits an object, it can either be bent, reflected or absorbed. Something that is black absorbs all the light, and no light is reflected. Something that is white, reflects all the light. Something that is red absorbs all the colors of light except red, which is reflected.…

How many jackal species do we have in East Africa?

(Scroll down for Swahili version) If you have read my previous article about hyrax-elephant relationships (if you haven’t I’d suggest reading it now) you’ll know that studying DNA gives us a good picture of relationships between animals. It can sometimes give surprise us by telling us that animals that look quite different are actually related,…

An overview of East African geology in less than 1,000 words.

Muhtasari wa jiolojia ya Africa Mashariki kwa maneno yasiozidi 1,000. (A huge thanks to Prof. Andy Nyblade, Professor and Department Head, Department of Geosciences from Penn State University for reviewing this piece). There are a few important processes and events that we need to understand if we want to interpret geological features in our landscapes.…

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