Do giraffe’s make a sound?

Je, twiga anatoa sauti? (Scroll down for Swahili) Most of us have never really heard a giraffe make sound. Maybe we have heard them grunt when fighting or heard a giraffe snort in alarm, but have you ever heard a giraffe make a sound? Giraffe faces don’t have that many […]

The elephant and the hyrax

Tembo na pimbi A common request I get during guide training is to explain the relationship between hyrax and elephants. It seems to be one of the go-to facts when guides see a hyrax- to say “that’s the elephant’s closest living relative” or something along those lines. In the past […]

Cheetahs are not true cats! True or False?

Duma sio paka wa kweli! Kweli/Uongo? This is a common question I get asked when I’m conducting guide training. The answer is FALSE. Cheetahs ARE true cats. They are just highly specialized cats. If we take the relative relationships of the cats and filter out the cats that are not […]